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First Party Marketing

We are an agency built for today’s economy. We no longer buy a piece of media to advertise to its entire audience. We use data and technology to make choices about advertising to an individual in real time, with the right message.

Our marketing puts people first.Your next customer is out there. We help you identify who they are, reach them everywhere, and convert them.

Empowering Marketers to Drive Growth

Digital marketing offers what seems like endless new ways to advertise. But let’s face it, figuring out the right targeting strategy can be really hard. There are so many choices and so little you can be sure of, like whether you’re actually talking to your best prospects or spending too much money to reach lots of uninterested people.

A2B Digital Marketing is the people-based marketing platform that helps you rise above advertising complexity. We can connect you to your true buying audience.

Our Data Collection Methodology

We’ve built a verified audience of more than 250M people in the U.S. all tied to billions of data points that help advertisers and brands understand an individual’s unique interests and behaviors.


Once a user opts in, we collect first party mobile data through thousands of apps on over 400 million devices.


We have access to thousands of sites that collect online information through a user’s form submissions.


We’ve built a network of trusted offline partners that help source demographic and psychographic data.

Backed by stringent industry standards:
Consumers choose to opt-in through multiple layers of permission and can opt-out at any time. Our consumer data is CCPA, GDPR & CAN-SPAM compliant, and we are members of the Digital Advertising Alliance which provides consumers with visibility into how their data is collected online.

Make the most of every ad dollar spent

Identify and connect with your audience on the channels they engage most.

From how many people saw your message to who visited your site to who visited your store! We’re going to show very clearly how you did and how we did. We’ll show how many people came to your website, how many people came to your store, and we’ll work with you to track retail sales against the people we targeted with a matchback report that includes first name, last name, postal address, and email address. The B2B matchback report will also include job title and company name.

You’ll know that you’re making the most out of every ad dollar spent.


We provide comprehensive targeting through first and third-party data points to ensure we’re reaching your target audience at the right moment.

Our artificial intelligence engine analyzes billions of queries a day to help make sure you’re reaching the right audience at the right price. As our powerful predictive engine learns, it surfaces real-time recommendations to help improve campaign performance.

Targeting capabilities include:


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