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Connect and Engage: Targeted CTV/OTT Advertising.

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Connected TV & OTT

There is a monumental shift occurring in media consumption. As people stay home, marketers are looking for ways to get their messages to their customers — and to find new ones. Connected TV (CTV) & OTT are at the top of the list.

Connected TV (CTV) refers to the televisions used to stream video content over the internet, such as smart TVs and devices connected to TVs (Roku stick, Apple TV, etc).Over-the-top media (OTT) is the content streamed to any internet-enabled device. Examples include Hulu, Amazon, videos from online publishers.

Advertising opportunities are available on both CTVs and through OTT streaming media.

Featured Services

Reach Real CTV & OTT Users with A2B First Party Campaigns

A2B targets an audience of REAL PEOPLE on CTV and OTT. Unlike other marketing partners, we know exactly who we are reaching.

Audience Segments

Our verified, precision-based audience segments are crafted with different lifestyles and interests, demographics, mobile app usage and more.

CTV/OTT Benefits

• Data-driven targeting to reach audiences on every screen – just like with other digital campaigns

• Higher precision than TV commercials

• Reach real, multiple people at once

• Unskippable, trackable, and brand-safe

• Prove ROI with a matchback report

• Attribution – we can measure foot traffic by tieing peoples’ mobile devices to their CTVs Incredibly high completion rates (92 – 98% VCR)


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