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Marketing Strategy & Development

The first step in building your custom marketing strategy is to know exactly who you are marketing to. Before we begin, we conduct extensive research and gather insights that allow us to identify the best channels to focus on for demand generation.

We will then work with you to develop the right message and the best possible user experience to generate the best results. Once your digital marketing strategy is in full swing, we will use appropriate tools to measure the returns and to ensure that your strategy continually evolves with your requirements.

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Why Strategic Planning

The main reason for defining a strategy is to consider how to engage with the digital audience and to determine which platforms would best support this activity. This allows you to reach your target audience more effectively, using their preferred platforms. From social media to SEO, a good digital strategy will incorporate a variety of online engagement methods.

Our experienced team will undertake a comprehensive review of your brand and digital assets to ascertain your current position. Every organization needs a clear idea of what it is they want to achieve online, in terms of reaching new customers or building relationships with existing ones.


Even if your organization already has a strategy in place, it’s always a good idea to revisit and revise it, as change is the only constant when it comes to the online environment. Whether increased signups or sales, it’s important to have a clear objective before spending any money on online marketing. Whatever your objectives, we can produce a tailored strategy to meet your needs.


Your digital marketing strategy involves using different marketing channels to achieve your business goals, whether that’s through social media, website advertising, or email marketing. The channel you choose, the angle you take, and the type of content you produce are all part of your digital marketing strategy.

A digital strategy should be a key priority for any organization. It provides both direction and stability, which are essential for survival in today’s digital waters. The A2B team boasts a wealth of experience, with Google AdWords certified professionals, analytics experts and social media moguls, all waiting to help steer you in the right direction.


Website analytics and digital marketing campaigns generate huge volumes of tracking data – but the data can quickly become overwhelming. We help you to find and report key metrics, segment data effectively and gain actionable insights from your website and campaign data.

Tracking, measuring and learning from website activity is a vital component of digital marketing

A2B dashboards and reports give you instant access to your campaign metrics including Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Facebook, and OTT data. You’ll know how a specific campaign performed and understand how the campaign impacted your overall marketing efforts. What campaign is generating sales-ready leads? Which ones are driving website traffic? With A2B reporting you’ll know without having to spend hours pulling data from multiple platforms.


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