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Data Hygiene

Data hygiene, often referred to as data cleansing, is the process of ensuring that a set of data is accurate, consistent, and usable. It involves identifying and rectifying errors and inconsistencies in data to improve its quality. It’s not just about removing incorrect data, but also about rectifying and harmonizing data, ensuring it’s up-to-date, relevant, and usable for its intended purpose. In the context of mailing and email lists, data hygiene ensures that communications reach the intended recipients, reducing wastage and maximizing ROI

National Change of Address (NCOA) Service

Each year, over 60 million individuals and businesses relocate. With our NCOA service, we match your file against the comprehensive 48-month USPS dataset. This ensures that any undeliverable or changed addresses are updated or removed. Don't let returned mailings cost you; get in touch with us today.

Email Validation

The success of your email campaign hinges on the quality of your list. Invalid emails can harm your send reputation and even lead to domain blacklisting. Our email validation service meticulously removes invalid addresses, ensuring a reduced bounce rate. We provide you with a cleaned list and a separate list of invalid emails, detailing the reasons for their invalidity. Ensure your campaigns are effective; contact us before going live.


Merging multiple files? Need to eliminate duplicates? Our custom-built matching and de-duplication system identifies duplicate records, enhancing deliverability and response rates. We offer a range of de-duplication methods, ensuring you receive the most refined file.

Phone Validation

Connect with your customers without the hassle of disconnected numbers. Our phone validation service assesses your customer phone number database, distinguishing between valid and disconnected numbers. We can verify any phone number, be it cellphone or landline, in the US & Canada. Our services are backed by database lookups to major telecom companies. Moreover, we can help you determine if a number is a cellphone or landline. Don't chase dead ends; reach out to us today.

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