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Transforming Marvin Through Strategic Marketing

Case Study

Client Overview

For over two decades, A2B Digital Marketing has stood shoulder to shoulder with Marvin, an esteemed leader in the window and door industry. Since 1997, A2B has held the pivotal role of Channel Marketing Partner, steering the company’s marketing endeavors to success throughout Marvin’s distribution channels across the US and Canada.

Challenges Faced

Marvin faced the perennial challenge of capturing the attention of a diverse and discerning audience. Their product range caters to both residential and trade professionals, necessitating a nuanced approach. A2B’s mission was to create and execute multi-channel marketing strategies that not only resonated with homeowners but also reached industry professionals such as architects, designers, spec writers, builders, remodelers and facility managers.


The scope of A2B’s engagement with Marvin Windows and Doors was expansive with a multifaceted marketing approach that encompassed various media channels and regional initiatives across the US and Canada.

Notable Achievements

A2B Digital Marketing left an indelible mark on Marvin, achieving several remarkable milestones:

  • Strategic Budget Management: A2B orchestrated the meticulous management of regional marketing budgets. This included overseeing funds allocated to one-step and two-step distribution, a complex task that also involved Coop programs.
  • Comprehensive Regional Marketing: The team engineered robust residential and commercial regional marketing initiatives. These initiatives reached and resonated with a vast network of over 400 independent dealers and distributors spread nationwide with 700+ locations.
  • Digital and Traditional Excellence: A2B’s expertise shone through in the conception and execution of digital and traditional advertising campaigns. From video production to strategic media placement, every aspect was fine-tuned to capture the attention of both homeowners and industry professionals.
  • Web Presence Enhancement: A2B crafted websites not only for Marvin’s Canadian branch but also for numerous independent dealers. These websites served as digital hubs, effectively showcasing Marvin’s products and services.
  • Rich Multimedia Content: The team produced a treasure trove of audio and video content, tailored for local, regional, and national broadcast. This multimedia approach ensured Marvin’s message reached a wide and varied audience.
  • Customized Reporting: A2B designed bespoke campaign reporting dashboards tailored to the specific needs of Marvin’s dealers and distributors. These tools provided actionable insights, enhancing decision-making capabilities.
  • Annual Sales Support: A2B actively assisted Marvin by presenting dealer marketing programs at their annual sales conferences. This direct engagement fostered collaboration and alignment with Marvin’s objectives.
  • Promoting Dealer Loyalty: A2B went the extra mile by hosting the Marvin hospitality suite at annual IBS (International Builders Show) events and providing essential support for dealer loyalty events. These efforts solidified relationships and bolstered brand loyalty.

Through unwavering commitment and strategic ingenuity, A2B Digital Marketing played a pivotal role in elevating Marvin’s’ marketing endeavors. Over the years, this partnership has continued to thrive, leaving an enduring mark on the window and door industry.