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Custom One Homes

Case Study

Client Overview

For over four decades, Custom One has mastered the art of crafting bespoke homes, executing stunning renovations, and sculpting picturesque landscapes across the Twin Cities. Since 2018, A2B Digital Marketing has been instrumental in propelling Custom One’s ascent as the premier new home builder and the top-rated contractor for transformative renovations and landscaping projects in the Twin Cities area.

A2B Roll

The strategic collaboration with A2B Digital Marketing encompassed a comprehensive blend of digital and traditional marketing strategies that drove Custom One’s success.

Services Provided:

Tailored Website Development: Unveiling a revamped website in 2023 showcasing Custom One’s diverse services, from new home design and construction to comprehensive renovations and outdoor landscaping.

Optimized Visibility: Leveraging Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies to secure prime positioning atop search engine results, magnifying Custom One’s online presence.

Strategic Marketing Channels: Maximizing Google and Microsoft platforms through Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to effectively target and connect with high-intent customers seeking Custom One’s expertise.

Engaging Social Presence: Sustaining meaningful connections with potential clients through tailored content across various platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and more.


This collaboration has not only fortified Custom One’s brand as a visionary in crafting living spaces but also solidified its position as the go-to destination for exceptional home designs, renovations, and landscapes across the Twin Cities. The success story of Custom One, powered by A2B Digital Marketing, continues to set new benchmarks in the realm of home construction and renovation excellence.