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Transforming BMD Through Strategic Marketing Excellence

Case Study

Client Overview

Building Materials Distributors (BMD) has been a trusted partner since 1998. With a steadfast commitment to innovation and growth, BMD engaged Fort/A2B to spearhead the development of a comprehensive dealer co-op marketing program focused on optimizing budget allocation for over 70 participating dealers across the sprawling California territory.

The Challenge

BMD’s challenge was twofold: to empower their network of dealers with robust marketing support and lead generation while ensuring that budget allocation was strategic and efficient. This presented a unique opportunity to reach construction industry trade professionals and homeowners effectively while maximizing the impact of their marketing spend.

Key Strategies Employed

  1. Search Engine Marketing (SEM): A2B harnessed the power of SEM, utilizing platforms such as Google Ads, Microsoft, Meta, and LinkedIn. Custom landing pages and real-time lead processing were integrated to enhance the user experience, capturing the interest of both trade professionals and homeowners.
  2. Multichannel Advertising: A2B employed an omnichannel approach, including Over-the-Top (OTT) and Connected TV (CTV) advertising, along with Hulu. This was complemented by Broadcast TV, Cable TV, and Broadcast Radio, which included streaming and sponsorships. These channels ensured broad reach and audience engagement.
  3. Compelling Social Media Content: Engaging Social Media content became a cornerstone of the strategy. A2B crafted a diverse range of content, from Blogs and Infographics to Video and email outreach. These efforts not only informed but also created lasting impressions.
  4. Showroom Support Initiatives: Recognizing the importance of the physical presence, A2B implemented showroom support initiatives to bolster brand visibility. This ensured that BMD’s dealers could effectively showcase their products and services.
  5. Strategic Sponsorships: AIA sponsorships and homeowner tours/showcases were fostered, aligning BMD with influential industry events and showcasing their commitment to excellence.

Tangible Outcomes

The partnership between BMD and A2B yielded tangible and impressive results:

  • 12% Year-on-Year Lead Growth: The marketing strategies deployed translated into a remarkable year-on-year increase in leads, exceeding 12%. This growth reflected the effectiveness of the campaigns in engaging the target audience.
  • Outstanding Dealer Retention: The co-op marketing program achieved an impressive 98% retention rate among participating dealers. This high level of retention underscored the value dealers saw in the support provided.
  • Consistent and Clear Messaging: A2B ensured that BMD’s messaging remained clear, concise, and consistent throughout the expansive California territory. This uniformity in communication enhanced brand recognition and trust.

The partnership between BMD and A2B Digital Marketing continues to thrive, serving as a testament to the power of strategic marketing in transforming businesses within the building materials industry. Through innovation and collaboration, BMD is poised for sustained growth and success.